Free plants – Lettuce

I put the last celery root in my greenhouse to hopefully keep it from the critter that keeps swiping it.

Tell me I’m not the only one that when reading the word swiping hears the Dora the Explorer mantra “Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping, Swiper nooooo swiping!” Lol

So I was fixing a wrap for lunch and filling it with lettuce. I used the lettuce from Aldi that comes with four full heads of lettuce with differing colors and texture. I pondered if the lettuce would regrow.

I put it in a half pint mason jar half filled with water. After a week and a half, it is growing roots and fresh leaves. Yay!

Where do you find free plants?


Wyoming scarf

We have begun thinking of Honey Love Farm in stages. The current stage is a 1/3 acre suburban lot called Blueberry House. We had entries into the 15 million Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes so we began dreaming of the ultimate stage of Honey Love Farm.

After seeing some landscape/history videos and finding out about their food freedom law, final stage will be a ranch in Wyoming. I really didn’t try to sell it too hard but the children got very excited over the prospect of being cowboys, seeing snow and hiking in the Rockies.

We didn’t win millions but decided to keep our lives open to the dream coming true in some unexpected way sometime in the future. The children had talked with their cousins before all this about buying a big plot of land together and each having their own houses. I love that at ages 12-14 that they enjoy each other’s company so much that they would be willing to be neighbors and co-caretakers of the land.

I found this Art n Soul Scarf and just had to try it. I crocheted too tight and had to add a few rows. I also made script instead of random loops. I haven’t made flowers yet but I couldn’t wait to share.

Scarf stitched with Christy Lynn

Folded scarf

I can totally imagine wearing this in Wyoming so it’s my Wyoming scarf! Hoping I can wear it on a visit sometime soon.

Scarf on shutters

Mending: Replacing buttons

Mending is one of my favorite activities. It is like an act of rebellion in a disposable society to take something that can’t be worn and give it new life.

I have a mending pile on the corner of my sewing table. Sometimes I “do it now” as I’m folding laundry. This shirt, I put on my son before noticing the missing button. I took it back off and replaced it in less than ten minutes.

Replacing a button

  • Garment
  • Button
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Check on the tail or tag of your shirt. So many come with extra buttons. While I collect buttons and could probably find a replacement, this trick saves me time! You can usually see a thread or hole where the button needs to be sewn on. Otherwise button the other buttons and line up with the lonely buttonhole.

Thread the needle and knot the ends together. I make a knot by wrapping the thread around my thumb, rolling with my index finger and pulling tight with my thumb and index finger. I might need to make a video about that!

Sew the button on following the pattern of the other buttons, either an x or an equal sign. I repeat each 3-5 times to ensure sturdiness.

Run the needle under the thread on the underside of the shirt. I will run the needle through again and before pulling the thread tight, pull it through the hole created by the thread. Cut the thread and put your needle away. Don’t want to lose your needle in the sofa or the carpet.

Happy mending!