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I read Pearl and Serene’s book several years ago. I love the ideas for eating good food in a manner that allows us to speed up our metabolism. I’ve never been able to make the diet habit. It just takes a bit of stress or an illness to derail my plans. So this time I decided to take a different approach.

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Have a dieting buddy

It’s easier to avoid temptation if you know that you would have to tell your friend that you fell off the wagon. You know that when you stay strong that it helps that person to stay strong.  So you become more deliberate about planning for upsets to the schedule. You remind yourself that yes, you just cooked a meal for your kids but adding a wok of veggies will keep you on plan and not really take that much effort. We have a tendency to do more for others than we are willing to do for ourselves. So if we tie our self care to caring for others, it seems to be more effective. My buddy is helping me with encouragement and accountability. I know more about the diet so it puts me into a teacher mode which makes the structure of the diet stick in my brain. I’d love to get their new cookbook.

I did NOT weigh myself

What?! Yes! I did not weigh myself. I have a general idea of where my weight is, of course. But it’s been six months or so since I was weighed at the doctor’s office.

But how will you track your progress?! Do the numbers on the scale really match progress? How many times have we felt we were doing good only to see that needle stay still and then become defeated? My trouble is that I can lose between 5-10 lbs and start to feeling better. Then I’ll say, “Oh, it’s ok to have a little treat because you’ve been doing so good.” Somehow that treat leads to another treat and a whole cheat day and then I’m giving up cause I feel like I’ve gone so far that I just need to start all over.

Progress so far

I feel a lot better away from all the sugar. I can tell there is less inflammation in my body. I am feeling more energy. I’m experiencing less cravings. I am trying a few new recipes to keep it interesting. I’m keeping beef jerky and protein bars for busy times.


Since I am not weighing myself, I can’t use pounds as a goal. My first goal is to fit back into a pair of blue jeans I haven’t been able to wear for a little while.

One thought on “Healthy living – Trim Healthy Mama

  1. So glad I’m. Not the only one that has trouble sticking to a diet! And love your thoughts on a set of scales. I’ve always detested weighing. The word scale alone is suspect. Is it rating you? The lower the score the more wanted and attractive you are? I guage my success by the way my clothes fit. Thank you for this inspirational post!!

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