Shiki Futon alternative

I found this tablecloth at a yard sale. It was stained but only $1.

Don’t you just love the butterfly and bee?! I was considering converting to shiki futons because of dust allergies that my son and I have.

This dragonfly! Too cute!! I thought about joining this table cloth to some extra fabric to make it long enough for a homemade shiki futon.

I folded the tablecloth in half with the right sides together and sewed both ends. I turned it right side out. I spread it out on the floor and eyeballed the center. I placed straight pins as markers for two lines of stitching about 2 inches apart to give space to fold. I started looking through my stash for fabric to add to make it long enough.

I found this quilt top made by my great Aunt Iantha. It has the year 1977 stitched in the corner. At this point I decided to use the quilt top for my futon and give the butterfly garden futon to my daughter. I sewed both ends. Turned it right side out. Sewed two lines of stitching to divide it into thirds. It was fabulous that the quilt top was six squares long so each section is two squares long.

I am stuffing the futon with old pillows and comforters. This way I can take it apart and wash each part and hang on the clothesline to allow the sun to disinfect.

To keep the stuffing from falling out, I needed a closure. I contemplated zippers but trying to sew them filled me with dread. I decided instead to make these cute crocheted ties.

My daughter slept on hers last night before the ties were put on and just loved it!

I used a small metal hook to poke a hole just inside the hem of the tablecloth. I pulled the yarn through and made a foundational chain for about six inches.

Each section has three bows for a total of 12 chains for this futon. I will also use 12 chains for my futon. One bow for each square. All the boys are excited to get one for themselves. My linen closet is getting emptied. That is good.

We may have to buy some more comforters or blankets for stuffing but because we are using them inside the cover, they can be ugly inexpensive finds at the salvage store or thrift store. It will still come in at a fraction of the cost of buying mattresses online.

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