I had emptied my worm farm freezer that I thought the ants had destroyed. In the bottom, I found healthy worms and black soil. They survived!!!

So I began filling it back up with lawn clippings and household compostables. It’s full!

My Aldi’s compost bin is full too. What do I do with my compost? I really want a chicken run that I can toss the kitchen scraps and let them eat or scratch it into garden soil.

My garden beds had become seriously weedy. To the point that weeds outnumber the garden plants and it’s debatable whether we should weed it or just mow and start over. My perfectionist mind was waiting for a chunk of time when I could do the whole job. Then I got a brilliant idea. Let the problem be the solution!

I started right outside my kitchen door. I dug down with a shovel and dumped all the kitchen scraps.

I pull the weeds and crumbled the soil over the compost. Then I planted lettuce.

About a week later, I planted carrots beside the awesome stand of lettuce.

Then I planted kale on the other side of the patio.

Then radishes. Then beets. For 20 minutes once or twice a week, I am composting, weeding and planting. I am transforming my space into a fabulous cottage garden. This is doable. This is progress. This may be the best gardening habit ever!!

I asked my boys to bury the canteloupe and watermelon rinds in their garden beds.

David has a jim-dandy canteloupe. It might be too late to make fruit but it’s still pretty neat. Yes, you may get volunteers by burying compost in your garden. But I LOVE volunteers. It’s like Nature’s way of saying, “Good job! Here’s a bonus!”

How is your garden? Still producing like a champ? Gearing up for fall vegetables?

Have a blessed season!

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