Zero waste – Bar shampoo

Love this old saying

Use it up, wear it out

Make it do or do without.

I have had a time with my scalp. Tried so many dandruff and medicated shampoos. I was to the point where if I used anything but Head and Shoulders then my scalp would be a dry, flaky mess in a week.

I tried making my own shampoo. I added tea tree oil. It helped but gradually got back to needing medicated shampoo. Maybe I just didn’t use enough tea tree oil.

I had wanted to try bar shampoo after hearing some reviews from Trash is for Tossers and was thrilled to find a shampoo bar by J. R. Liggett’s with tea tree and hemp oil at my local health food store.

I have used it for about two weeks now. I feel like my scalp is actually healing from all the shampoo chemicals of the past. Two thumbs up!! Yay for zero waste! I put the wrapper in my compost.

I use a small jar to hold my shampoo bar between showers to keep it from washing away in other family members’ showers.

I like how much lighter my hair feels. I don’t believe I could ever go back to the weighted feeling of conventional shampoos. Not to mention all the plastic waste! What an easy way to help save the planet!

2 thoughts on “Zero waste – Bar shampoo

  1. Such a wonderful find! Getting healthy and supporting a zero waste lifestyle at the same time! Thank you for another great review! Keep up the good work!

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