Gurunanda – my experience

Years ago, I signed up with Young Living just to get the starter package. I loved the lemon oil and reordered that one. Then I started to use it sparingly because they are expensive. I had to evaluate my sore throats. “Is this bad enough to use my lemon oil?”

I debated trying cheaper oils. But what about quality? Looking at Gurunanda, I found that they tested every batch of oil. I was impressed that they sourced directly from farms. With lemon oil costing only $7.99, it’s worth a shot. I tried it in my tea and water like I was accustomed to using my Young Living Oil. It is wonderful! Soothes my sore throat at only a fraction of the cost.

We adopted a dog from the shelter. We fell in love with her. Then they told us she was heartworm positive. Ugh! Couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her to bear her lot in life without treatment. After she was spayed, we brought her home to find she had kennel cough as well. I began diffusing frankincense to help boost her immune system. I finally finished off my sparingly used Young Living oil. I ordered the frankinscense from Gurunanda and decided to try the oregano I had wanted to try for a while. A diffuser with two oils was marked down from near $50 to only $10 and that put my total to just over $25 which qualified me for free shipping. Not only are the oils cheaper but come in a bottle that is .5 oz. That is much larger than Young Living.

My apologies to my Young Living and doTerra friends, but Gurunanda makes natural living so much more doable. Gurunanda has not asked for my opinion nor have I received any compensation or product for this review. It is my unadulterated opinion that Gurunanda offers a spectacular product at the best prices.

3 thoughts on “Gurunanda – my experience

  1. I can’t recall which ones now, but I did a paper test to test for dilution with less quality oils and some showed they were diluted with other oils. If it leaves an oil stain on a paper, it is most likely diluted with soy oil. Some essentials do leave a mark, and blends do as well.


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