Spaghetti Squash

A farmer at the Saturday market in my town had spaghetti squash. I grabbed one not really sure what I was going to make with it but it sounded like fun. I was running low on my groceries by the end of the week but my van was still in the shop. So time to come up with something using what I had available.

I had the spaghetti squash, but no sauce. Not even tomatoes or tomato sauce. I did have lemon, garlic and butter. That would make a fine sauce. I also had a dab of okra to fry and a few potatoes left to mash up. No meat but it would be a good supper.

I found this link on how to cook the spaghetti squash. I may have cooked it once before but it has been a long time. I let my teen boys help with the fork to turn the squash into noodles after it was cooked.

My second son asked how I was planning to use the bacon in the fridge. “Wait, I have bacon in the fridge!” I had bought two packages this week but then counted use of one pack this week and one last week. Ooooh, this is gonna be really yummy!

I looked at this lemon sauce pasta recipe for an idea and then took it in my own direction. I cooked the bacon in a cast iron skillet. It wasn’t as crispy as I would like so I took the bacon and put it in a pan in the oven on 400 degrees while I prepared the sauce.

I added a stick of butter to the bacon drippings. I let it melt. I juiced two lemons in a glass jar to use fresh. I minced about 6 big cloves of garlic. Once the butter was melted, I added the garlic to the butter and bacon drippings. Cooked for only a couple minutes on a lower heat so as not to burn the garlic.

I added the sauce to the squash and then the lemon juice. Tossed the noodles. Added the crispy bacon which might could have crisped in the oven a bit longer but we were eager to taste it.


This is sooooo delicious! There were no leftovers. Definitely a keeper. It’s a super way to get more veggies into the diet of a not-so-enthusiastic veggie eater. I intended on mincing some  fresh basil and sprinkling with Parmesan. It can be done that way next time.

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