Juicing – Spice drop in a cup

Years ago, my father was diagnosed with cancer. In an effort to support his fight, we began juicing. The juicers were a pain to clean and assemble. I held onto the juicer for many years afterwards until I decided it was just taking up valuable space in my kitchen.

After my second and third child were diagnosed last year with autism, I sat down and thought about all the information I had processed when my oldest was diagnosed with autism. I pondered all the therapies and interventions we tried. What did I believe would have the best chance to help them all? The two things that came to mind was a more established routine and better nutrition.

I started simply with trying to get them to eat an orange and yogurt daily. I contemplated juicing more and more to help get more of the vegetables in them. I seriously debated because I knew the headache of cleaning the juicer that I had previously. I saw a video on Youtube of a mom of 10 allowing all her kids to juice their own creations. I thought that it was perfect. She recommended using the Hamilton Beach. I found it at Walmart. Instead of focusing on difficult diets and expensive supplements, let’s teach them to crave and make healthy food.

I LOVE this juicer! It is ridiculously easy to take apart, clean and reassemble. So easy that we have made juice 2-3 times every day this week. My older boys can use it with ease and a little safety instruction to always unplug before cleaning.

I went to Fresh Market to get some turmeric. I found it to use in a Blood Orange Turmeric Lemonade inspired by Panera. I used two blood oranges, two meyer lemons, one inch piece of turmeric and to cut the acid a bit two pink cara oranges. I juiced these and added it to a half gallon. Filled the remainder with water and served over ice. Ya’ll, it was pretty close to Panera’s.

While at Fresh Market, I saw some fennel. I decided to give it a try. I mixed about 1/6 of the bulb with about 8 blackberries, 3 carrots and one apple. It reminds me of those little spicy gum drops so I named it Spice drop in a cup. I’ve had it at least three times this week. It is so very tasty!


Turnip microgreens

While planting microgreens, I thought I had planted an unlabeled bag of radish seeds. Once they sprouted and I tasted them, I realized they were turnips. Oops!

I love microgreens. I use noodle trays to plant small batches. Lettuce, radish and beet make a simply delicious combo for salads, sandwiches, soups and tacos. The bitterness of the turnip just made it intolerable fresh. Maybe I could cook it in eggs. They are super nutritious.

I picked a handful and gave them a wash.

I added a dab of olive oil to a hot skillet and added my microgreens. I only cooked a minute because I wanted to have the freshness quality rather than completely wilted

I added an egg.

And scrambled them well.

Once off the stove, I added salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon, and some homemade salsa my aunt gave me. Now that’s a breakfast!

Pottery studio

Some friends and I went to a pottery studio for some sisterhood time. This is the first time I have done this. I wanted something I could use often so a big cup sounded ideal. I wanted a green and purple pallete.

It was fun! I’ll pick it up in a week after it has been glazed and fired. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!